The Best Electric Dog Fence Will Keep Your Dog Safe at Home

Many people have difficulty keeping their dogs within the boundaries of their property. Having a dog that runs loose can be dangerous in several ways. Dogs can get hit by cars and injured, may cause traffic accidents, or may get lost and not know how to get home. If they get loose, dogs could also get in a fight with another animal or attack a human. Veterinary bills because your dog got hit by a car or bitten by another animal can be very expensive. Injuries could be so bad that your dog might not even survive! If your dog attacks a human or someone’s pet, you could get sued for injures and damages. It is much smarter to make sure your dog remains safely in your yard when unattended.

electric dog fence

Some dog owners have found that using a electric fence works best to keep their dog safe at home. Some people use underground or invisible fences, but these don’t work for all dogs. Some dogs may not mind getting a slight jolt as they pass over an underground fence. If a dog is excited enough, it may be so concentrated on what it’s doing that it doesn’t even notice the jolt. Using an above ground electric fence for dogs is a good way to keep especially aggressive or excitable dogs within the limits of your yard.

Why Choose An Above-Ground Electric Fence?

Above-ground electric fences over the most protection for your pet and from outside pests. They are very useful at keeping especially unruly or aggressive dogs from leaving the boundaries you choose. It is not safe for dogs to roam free and unattended, as they may get injured or harm another animal. People can get in car accidents while trying to avoid hitting a dog that is running freely in the road. If someone is bitten by your dog or if your dog hurts another person’s pet, you may be held liable for their medical costs and other expenses. Keeping your dog restricted to your own property means less risk that your dog will get hurt or hurt someone else.

Sometimes, you may be less interested with containing your dog than you are about protecting your property. Your dog may regularly damage or enter an area of your yard where you do not wish for them to be. There might be machinery or chemicals that are dangerous to a dog, or your dog may simply keep digging in your flower garden. It is not only dogs that can hurt your yard. Raccoons, possums, other people’s pets and other wildlife may enter your yard on a regular basis and cause damage without you knowing it. An above-ground fence is especially useful because in addition to keeping your dog in, it keeps unwanted animals out.

The best electric dog fence will be designed and installed so that dogs or other animals cannot go beneath it nor over it to escape. Usually, a dog will only need to come in contact with the area a couple times before it knows to avoid the fence. Sometimes, people don’t even need to keep the fence turned on after the dog learns its boundaries. Above ground fences use electric fence wire to contain dogs, and sometimes seeing the wire is a strong enough deterrent to pets. Due to the nature of the fence, it is best not to use this type of electric fence for small dogs under fifteen pounds.

How Is An Electric Fence Installed?

Most electric fences for dogs are relatively simple to set up. Many people perform electric fence installation on their own. Fence poles are placed in the ground as desired, and then wire is run through provided loops on the poles. These wires are attached to an energizer unit, which provides the wire with an electric current when turned on. The fence can be positioned in any desired location, and it is easy to move the fence to a different spot if necessary. You can also customize the level of the wires and how many wires run along the fence. Different dogs have different needs, and you are the best judge of what will work best for your pet.

There are many electric fence for dogs reviews available, but one of the most popular options is the Havahart electric dog fence. It usually ranges in price from $60 to over a $100. An electric fence cost may seem high, but it is well-worth the protection and peace of mind.

Being a dog owner can be challenging at times, especially if your dog tries to escape your yard on a regular basis. You don’t want your dog to get hurt or lost, and you certainly don’t want it to hurt anyone else. An electric fence can help keep your dog within the boundaries you set. Above-ground electric fences are especially useful for aggressive or energetic dogs.

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