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Why Choose a PetSafe In-Ground Fence?

Whether you own a Shih Tzu or a Shepard, your dog’s safety and comfort should be a priority. For many dog owners, outdoor play time can be a hassle. If you live in a populated area, off-leash play time can be dangerous, especially if you can’t be around to supervise 24 hours a day. This can cut into your furry friends’ exercise and consequently their health. Continue reading

Why You Need a PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence

Your dog’s safety is the most important thing. It can be stressful to let the animal outside and not be one hundred percent positive they are safe and secure at all times. With the PetSafe Stay and Play wireless fence, you will always have the comfort of knowing the dogs will stay within the boundaries of the fence. It is a quality fence allowing dogs plenty of room to run around and exercise in the yard, while also keeping them contained to a certain area. Pet owners are sure to appreciate it for a number of reasons, but beware of a few drawbacks as well. Continue reading

Is PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence The Answer For Your Dog?

Anyone who has ever had a dog who thinks they are an escape artist knows the value of a good dog containment system. Dogs that get out of their yards can pose a big liability if they act aggressively toward other people. Even gentle, friendly dogs out on their own can pose a big problem. No one wants the beloved family pet to be attacked by other animals or hit by a vehicle. Even if they do not come to harm, they can be picked up by animal control officers. The considerable time spent looking for escaped dogs is also a factor. But, what if you could install a system around the dog’s yard area that would keep him or her in the yard without escape episodes? Continue reading